Nigerian-German Chamber of Commerce

5 Ways your business will benefit from joining a chamber of commerce

Today, businesses all around the world set clear objectives to help them meet their strategic goals. More
often than not, these strategic goals may include but are not limited to higher profit margins, bi-lateral
trade, increased efficiency, cost-optimization, increased market share, business expansion, sustainable
environmental practices, participation in shaping and implementation of public policies, excellent
service delivery and forging strong partnerships.
While it is true that various departments in the business (depending on size) are mostly responsible for
executing the strategic roadmap and achieving the organization’s goals, research has proven that
additional impact and clear-cut results are achieved when companies are members of a well-run and
dedicated chamber of commerce. This is where the Nigerian-German Chamber of Commerce (NGCC)
comes in.
Given the backdrop above, here are five instant benefits you enjoy when you become a member of the

Business Advocacy
Your business is supported by the chamber because we are the voice for our members’ common
interests. As a member, you will also have an opportunity to get involved in public debate as we strongly
advocate for private participation in public policy initiatives. The NGCC provides opportunity for
members to voice the issues affecting their business and communicate same to government via policy
recommendations through reports, outreach programmes, stakeholder for and events (conferences),
and meetings (courtesy visits).

Return on investment
Immediately you join, you become
part of a vast network of businesses (small, medium, and large multinationals) in Nigeria and Germany.
With this, you will have unfettered access to interact and network with existing members and an
extended network of other local and international chambers. This will give you an inroad to various
business communities and can lead to strong partnerships. In terms of our special offers, taking
advantage of just three (networking, professional advice, and trade development services) could save
you considerable amount of money with high return on investment.

Access expert advice
With our large network of members spanning various industries, you will have access to over 300
business advisors for professional advice. From starting up and innovating, to growing and expanding
overseas, we have got you covered. As a member of the NGCC, you also have the opportunity to pick up
the phone and get free or subsidized legal, accountancy or HR advice from local firms via our
professional advice service. We also inform you about the latest tender opportunities as soon as they
become available.

Promote your business to a larger audience
Are you looking at how to get your business or service noticed? We are able to help our members
promote themselves in a variety of ways.
Our events- both physical and virtual attract top-notch business executives and captains of industry. You
can connect with these interest groups and market your services to them. We regularly share member
news through our widely circulated e-newsletter called Headlines, as well as on our official website and
on our social media platforms.
We also reach millions across the world through earned media coverage, which included quotes from
members on key socio-economic and political factors that promote trade.

Take advantage of exclusive offers
As a member of the NGCC, you have the chance to promote any new offers you have through our
workshops, marketplace called the NGCC business hub and through the Headlines newsletter.
In addition, we can also pass down offers from our partners and those we collaborate with on trade, and
investment. Member discounts for our capacity building programmes are always available and will help
to upskill nominated members from your organization.
So, there you have it! These are five surefire ways that joining the Nigerian-German Chamber of
Commerce could help your business achieve its strategic goals.

Need to know more? Reach out to our membership team via phone on +234 809 790 3656 or drop an
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